North High Redhawks

Marie Loest, Reporter

On Wednesday December 14, North High officially became The Redhawks. After finals on Wednesday, December 14th, athletic director Mr. Ghram and principal Ms. Wasko had an unveiling of our new mascot.

After two years without having an identity, we finally have a mascot. In February of 2021 we had our mascot “Redskins” taken away. We were left for a while with no talk of a new mascot.

In the mid-year of 2022, we finally started to get news about a new mascot opportunity. Every student in the school got the chance to fill out a google form with new ideas for a mascot.

When we came back for the new school year in 2022, students were given four options:

  • Stars
  • Storms
  • Wolfpack
  • Redhawks

58% of the vote (566 votes) went for RedHawks. Because of these results in two weeks, we will have a rough draft of our new logo. The new logo for our school is being created by Bill Gardner an alumnus of North.

With the help of everyone including alum, teachers, students, and even community member North High now has a new identity once again.