Home of the RedHawks


Marie Loest and Elle Warren

North High School officially has a new logo. After dropping the name Redskins in 2021, a few months ago it was announced that North would be named the Redhawks. Today, the new logo was revealed at a pep assembly.

North Alum, Bill Gardner of Gardner Designs, came up with the idea of the new logo. He was inspired by the architectural part of the outside of our school.

“Going back to some of that art that we were pulling forward into a new generation so that is doesn’t look ancient, that it looks aspirational,” Gardner said.

Designer Adam Anderson of Gardner Designs said, “Our objective was to… honor the past but create something new and unique for the school moving forward”.

Principal Stephanie Wasko is filled with enthusiasm about this new addition to the school. “I am hoping that the students will love it,” she said.

Once the designers and alumni were introduced, a special video was presented to all the students. This video showed the history and pride behind North High.

After the video ended, and the new logo appeared on the screen. To celebrate, the cheerleaders did the traditional war cry dance and then a the new logo was revealed on the gym floor.

Student Yolanda Garcia said, “I think the new logo really helps bring out North High’s spirit and the change we have gone through over the years.”

Student Adriana Sanchez said, “The design looks similar to an Aztec, and it helps bring out the Hispanic culture at North.”

All the students were filled with joy and voiced their excitement by competing for the spirit stick. The whole gym was filled with adrenaline after the new logo appeared.

“It’s more than a logo,” Bill Gardner said.