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The Student News Site of Wichita North High School

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The Student News Site of Wichita North High School

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The Student News Site of Wichita North High School

The North Star

The Student News Site of Wichita North High School

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Mass amounts of tardies lead to changes

With the surge in tardies that have happened this year, North administration decided to implement hall sweeps starting Oct. 16th.
A student gets a tardy slip after the bell had rung to start third hour. Tardies have become a major issue at North.

A huge change will be making its way upon North High. Due to the mass amounts of tardies that have already happened this semester, hall sweeps will finally begin on October 16th.

Students will no longer be given paper tardy slips. Instead, if they do not get to class before the bell rings, Administration and security will go around the school and take those students to the cafeteria. If one gets picked up, it will be counted as in school suspension.

“We started realizing that the amount of tardies were way more than we anticipated. We had to back log. We have 50% of our students that have acquired 6 or more tardies. When half of the student population is not making it to class then it has to become a school wide change,” Head Principal Kristina Murray said.

Tardies have become a huge distraction such as students walking into class while only 20 minutes left. Teachers have to stop teaching and catch that student up. It takes a toll on the teachers as well.

“I think the current tardy policy is not working so I am open to trying anything. I am hopeful that it will work,” Art teacher Kelsey Benton said.

The students at North High together have gather more than 7,000 tardies just in the month of September.  That is an average of 300 a day. It is getting out of hand and Ms. Murray is ready to make a change.

The five free tardies each student receives per semester will continue. If students have some free tardies remaining during the hall sweeps, then they won’t get swept. Ms. Murray and the admin at North High will be playing it by ear whether there will be exceptions for students. For example, if the FRC classes get out late or the weather gets really bad.

“East High started hall sweeps last school year and saw a huge benefit. Then Southeast started them this year and it has gone very well. Teachers really like it because there are less disruptions during class. When we realized this was a bigger problem than we could keep up with that’s when we decided,” Murray said.

North High will be joining other schools with hall sweeps. Ms. Murray is looking for more students to be in class and less to be hanging out in the hallways or bathrooms.

The students at North High have some very mixed feelings about the huge change that is coming.

“I am very excited. I think this will help kids be more motivated to get to class on time without having to miss very important instructional time. I think the data shows from other schools that it absolutely works. I think kids who struggle making it on time to class, this will help them get there and help them not miss assignments,” student Jazmyne Florio said.

“The announcement made me mad because Ms. Murray’s main reason was, we were missing class time. But if they put us in the cafeteria, we are still missing valuable class time.” student Jasmine Villanueva said.

“I thought it was stupid because sometimes it not even our fault that we are late to school. Honestly, they’re the ones taking our class time away by putting us in the cafeteria. So, what’s the point of me even coming to school. I might as well stay home,” student Leslie Rosalas said.

Time will tell if the new change makes a difference.

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