2017-2018 Staff

Marlen Castaneda


Carrington Tackitt was born May 2nd. She attended Heights for two years, then transferred to North for her Junior and Senior years. She enjoys playing softball, listening to music, and watching soccer and basketball. Her favorite...

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Carrington Tackitt


By coincidence, Marlen ended up being on the North High Media team. On freshmen orientation, she realized she didn't have a first hour and she was luckily placed in 21st century journalism. After a while, she really took it seriously...

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Shaylyn Smith


You might have had her mom as a teacher or you might see her on the floor singing the national anthem. Celia Eichbauer, ready to take on her life with her Chihuahua, Fern. This 16-year old is full of life and when not adventuring...

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janet robles


Paityn McCaffree has been described as funny, smart, and pretty by her peers. Paityn is a senior this year and it is her first year in journalism, "I came in here a lot last year. I love (Mr. Griffitts) and his vibe." Paityn does...

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Shaylyn Smith


Shaylyn Smith is in her senior year, her favorite subject is history, and she is on the softball team, number 03. Shaylyn has 2 siblings, a brother, a sister, and 3 dogs (She’s a huge dog person). Between school, sports, and...

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Kasandra Gonzalez


  Profile About Kasandra Gonzalez Kasandra Gonzalez is a 17-year old who enjoys the show "The Walking Dead." This is her third year in journalism and she chose to be in journalism because "it`s a free class where...

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Caleb Soliz


Caleb is currently a senior here at North. He has been a journalist for North High for 3 years. Caleb is a very creative person who loves to design and make videos. Caleb joined journalism so he is able to improve his skills in...

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Layla Sabrah


Senior Layla Sabrah,  youngest of all her four siblings and future mechanical engineer, joined North's media team her freshman year because talking to people was a struggle. She wanted to be involved in North's activities and...

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Chloe Goerzen


Chloe has been a participant in Journalism for 3 years straight. Goerzen, an outgoing student with goals to pass all her classes with B’s or higher, where as on her own time loves to play video games, draw, and read. The backstory...

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Diego Rodriguez


Welcome to North, Brooklynn. Brooklynn Smith is a 16 year old junior with two brothers and two sisters. Brook bounced around from South to East before she found her a good place with her best friend since third grade, RaRa at...

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Kassandra Mendez


Kassandra Mendez is taking Journalism this year because she took it her freshman year and thought it was fun, so she came back for her senior year. Her main goal for this year is to graduate. Kassandra says, “My main goal is...

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Carina Barron


Seleste Montanez is excited to be a senior this year but then again she isn't ready to leave her friends yet. "I don't see my friends much out of school," she said. Montanez has 3 siblings, 1 brother and 2 sisters. She plans...

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brooklynn smith


Diego Rodriguez.   Diego is a senior at north high school class of 2018. He has been at north all four years of high school. Diego wrestles for north . He works at Connie’s Mexican café close by north. He plans to...

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Rosalia Salazar


When you see North Social Media Feed you can thank Junior Rosalia Salazar.  Rosalia juggles 2 AP classes while finding a way to get the freshest info out there. Rosalia enjoys soccer and listening to music. Also if your as tha...

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Marissa Ontiveros


Marissa Ontiveros is a laid-back senior who is undecided for college but enjoys her job at IHOP, at which she has worked since March of 2017. She is in journalism to share the exciting experiences at North, which not all students...

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Caleb Soliz


Caleb is currently a senior here at North. He has been a journalist for North for three years. Caleb is a very creative person who loves to design and make videos. Caleb joined journalism so he is able to improve his skills in...

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Denita Jones


Denita Jones is a junior at North. She was raised in Detroit, Michigan and moves back and forth from Detroit and Wichita every once and a while. She has a dog named Big Mike. She is really involved in the drama department here...

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Natassja Washington


Natassja Washington is a sophomore this year. She joined journalism because she wants to meet and learn how to talk to people better, and improve her interviewing skills. Natassja likes to listen to music and watch TV. She doesn’t...

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Raven Cheater


Raven is in her junior year of High School and took journalism as an opportunity to be able to write more. She enjoys creative writing and reading, and supports the GSA club. She'd like to be an author when she is older and s...

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Jordan Shull


Jordan Shull is a junior this year. Jordan wanted to take journalism because it seemed fun. Jordan is hoping to learn better interviewing skills and she wants to meet new people. When Jordan isn’t at school she’s at hom...

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Tim Christmore


Timothy Christmore was forced into journalism by his mother. Turns out, he really doesn't mind. Christmore was born in Zaporizha, a city in southeastern Ukraine. He and his brother were both moved to Kiev, Ukraine where they...

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Randy Griffitts


Randy Griffitts is a 2001 North graduate. He graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in journalism and has advised North publications with co-teacher Gaye Coburn for the last 10 years. Griffitts is also North's...

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