Tom and Jerry: The movie


Taylyn Padilla, Reporter

If you’re bored, stuck in the house, and need something to do, I would recommend going to the movies and watching Tom and Jerry: The Movie.

If you have kids this is a great movie to take them to. A movie theater you can go watch this movie at is at AMC Northrock 14.

Tom and Jerry was a cartoon many of us grew up watching. It was a show between a cat and a mouse fighting and not getting along. The movie came out February 26th, 2021. So far, 86% of Google users have liked this movie. The director of this movie is Tim Story. In the movie they keep the same story going on where the cat and the mouse fight but there is turn at the end with the two of them.

I think how they filmed the movie was good, it was clear and the movie had animated effects but it went along with the characters and the sets really well. I think how they put the movie together with the story and the characters that they choose was really good as well.

If you wanna get out of the house and do something fun I would recommend to go watch this movie!