A year of reflection

Taylyn Padilla, Reporter

Everyone’s life a year ago got turned around when the world shut down due to the Covid-19 outbreak. My life went down hill and then it got better. Everyone had to stay home for months and there really wasn’t people hanging out or even families who would hangout. We all had to stay to our self’s because we were confused what was going on.

To start off my ”quarantine” my coach for cheer informed me that we weren’t finishing the season because everything got cancelled. That was probably one of the biggest news during quarantine that was sad. This is because I was ready to start preparing for Florida for the biggest cheer competition. Another reason why it was sad is because all of our seniors had to finish their season on a bad note.

Another sad thing that happen during the pandemic is that school was shut down. I personally need to go to school to get work done. I also learn better in person and you could get help in person. I mean yes you could get help online but it is not as good as in person.  So school getting shut down was upsetting because I feel like I could finish my school work better in person.

The most impactful event that happened was also the saddest was my best friend past away, but not because of Covid. This was probably the hardest thing I had to deal with in my life. We cheered together for like 3-4 years and he was my best friend. He was older than me so it felt like he was my older brother. He watched out for me like a brother would. Every time I would have a bad day he would be there and say this “don’t cry be strong your going to be okay”. I really looked up to that line because he was so strong. I miss him everyday but I know I have to be strong.

After a while My life started to go up. The first thing is I got my drivers license which was so fun and now I can drive myself. Then we started to cheer again and that made me feel so much better because cheer is like my get away. Also I started to hangout with my friends which also was so fun because it was summer. So life started to get back to normal but the first months were not that good but now were doing a lot better and living life to the fullest.