My experience with covid.

Jaydon Kammavongsa, Reporter

It all started in March when we thought we would be out of school for 2 weeks & we would come back. We never did. So basically my quarantine started with it being the last time I’d see my dad until a few months later. While he was gone he ended up selling his car, my favorite car, I was pretty sad because I was hoping for him to give it to me next year.

It didn’t happen, but then came the summer. I was mostly home watching my younger siblings & doing chores. We didn’t go out much because of covid, and our holidays were kept pretty small. I had some family members pass away due to covid, and since they were all mostly above the age of 50, their immune systems weren’t the best. I lost alot of communication with my friends, and now I probably only text like 5-10 people on a daily basis, but I guess you don’t need many friends, just a few best friends.

Since I didn’t go out I did end up making a lot more online friends. Since I was mostly home all the time, I had time to play on my PS4 and meet new people.

Then came online schooling which was probably the worst thing ever. I don’t hate school, I just hate having to wake up everyday take the same four classes each day, with no social contact. Now i bet you’re saying, “Why don’t you just go to school?” The thing is I can’t. I have siblings to care for, and since they’re mostly little babies, I don’t want to bring anything back to them.

I did have covid at one point. In fact, my entire family did. During the month of October my mom got sick, and then my step-dad got it, & then me and my siblings. Thankfully the baby was okay. That’s also why I couldn’t start seeing my dad until the end of November of 2020.

Then came December when I joined the bowling team, and you don’t understand how good it felt to finally get out of the house. The bowling season went from December-February, which if you’re reading this I suggest you should bowl next year, we’re currently out of boys players, since I was the only non-senior varsity player, I’d be the only male for next years team.

With more free time on my hands, I was able to focus on improving myself both mentally and physically. Quarantine has taught me to spend time improving in things that you love, and to cherish the time with people you love. Also I’ve learned that you have to accept the fact that things happen outside your control. And that you just need to move on.