Wow, How Was That Extended Spring Break


Grace Claudio, Reporter


At work in May, beginning of quarantine.

I have gained and lost things during this quarantine that started a year ago. I got my license, car, braces, a sense of style, finally, and I have learned more about myself. After this quarantined year, I have had some ups and downs. I have lost some friends and got closer to my cousins. I also made some friends from around the country.

Right before we actually went into quarantine, I had my 16th birthday party and had a sleepover with my cousins and the family friends. After that party I started to go no where, I had stayed in my house doing nothing. I would paint, draw, color, sew, knit, go on walks, and watch tv.

Things I have learned emotionally about myself is that I have a bad attachment to the TV shows I watch. I also have an attachment to stuffed animals. Almost every time I went to a store I would buy 2; they would be the exciting part in my life. Most of the stuffed animals that I own are Squishmallows, I have over 20 of them; but in total I own 47 stuffed animals.

For working, during the summer I started to work more at my Tias restaurant; and ended up saving a ton of money. But I really didn’t hang out with people or by myself, I worked almost everyday of the week. I was okay with working all those days because it helped me to learn more Spanish to be able to speak with my Grandma because she knows no English.

Me and my cousin in drag makeup.


This year I also got my drag makeup done, I was Mrs. Juicy Chicken; only because I decided to eat chicken while getting my makeup done. This day was the highlight of my quarantine.

So to be honest the quarantine brought on by Covid did change me a lot mentally; mostly for the better. Not much changed for me physically I look the same and I am the same height. I gave myself an eyebrow slit, dyed my hair over 10 times, and got an undercut finally. I did learn that I do have some medical problems not yet solved, but we are working on it.