How covid was to me

Rico Agosto, Reporter

This past year has been crazy. When covid first hit us, I was scared and worried about me and my family’s health. There was a lot of chaos and people did not know what to do. Finishing school online my freshman year was hard because we were never taught to do online school like this.

I would say that covid really affected me during the summer. I was stuck in the house, bored and nothing to do. While stuck in the house I would be super lazy and would never eat and this caused me to lose about 50 pounds just from not eating as much. But this extra time being in the house really gave me time to focus on myself. I started doing social media and got thousands of followers, I worked on my appearance, I changed my fashion style and just worked on myself personally. Covid also affected me because I didn’t have the summer I wanted and usually have. I always travel somewhere and last year I was supposed to go to Texas to see some family friends. I also didn’t get to go out and see my friends because we were stuck in quarantine. It was okay though because I would still talk to them on social media, but this time really showed me who my real friends are and who actually kept in contact with me.

Starting school again in September was very hard. Staying on task, waking up every day and logging into class online was a struggle. I did not understand how to do my work without the teacher in front of me visually seeing what I’m doing wrong and honestly, I was failing for a little bit. Doing online was so hard especially to get used to I would also never want to do my work and I would procrastinate a lot.

I would say over time I have gotten better at remote learning. I do all my work and get the best grades I can do with understanding the most I can. Also going in person know has helped too because I can actually ask questions and get that visual help and learning from the teachers.