Me vs the Pandemic

Elijah Harbin, Reporter

When Covid-19 hit everything changed a lot. School was cancelled, sports were cancelled, and buildings were closed!! Everyone was panicking when Covid got out big. I stayed in the house for a while because I wasn’t trying to get Covid. But rather than that since I play soccer, I was also training by myself and working out too. It was so hard to train by myself because of the pandemic and everything was getting out of control. I was scared for my family and my last soccer season for high school to get canceled.

It had me worried a lot, especially for my grandparents because I could barely see them when the pandemic was getting out of hand. It took a while for me to see them for a bit, which was suddenly harsh. Besides that, there was no fun or anything open like the movies, restaurants, places in the mall were all closed. So, there was nothing fun to do, I could not even spend time together with my cousins during the weekend like we always do. We would always go somewhere to go eat or watch movies or go to play some sports on the field, but the only good thing was we can play video games with each other online but other than that it was boring to not go anywhere.

Even the gym was shut down for a bit which I thought sucked because I liked going to the gym a lot and working out because the gym always made me feel better about myself and it clears my mind about stuff. So, I was down about that but once when the pandemic was going down even though I was still going but everything started opening again and I could see my family and friends again! One thing I was glad about was playing with my teammates for my senior year for soccer! This pandemic is still going and all, so we still must be careful about it.