My Time During Covid With School

Kaiser Lyne, Reporter

My time during the Covid-19 pandemic did not go well. There were many obstacles for me to get over, and school was probably the biggest one. This pandemic has been hard-hitting for many people in all kinds of situations all over the world, but today I am here to share my own experience.

School was very rough for me. I don’t focus well without a controlled environment. I get distracted easily and put stuff off to the very end. I tell myself, “I’ll have enough time.” and then fall asleep and lose all that time before I complete anything. This also goes along with my procrastination issues, but I won’t get into that.

Learning online has always been a struggle for me. Even before the pandemic, in my freshman year, at my previous high school, Wellington High, they incorporated an online platform called Summit, and my grades had never dropped so low. I had to spend time over the summer correcting them and still wasn’t fully able to make good use of my time, but I did raise my grades to a manageable level. It was a rough start to my high school education. I didn’t want the same thing to happen to me the next year, so I had to change schools.

It went well, I was doing great in all of my classes until at the end of the year, the pandemic happened. I would have failed at least a few of my classes if the school I attended at the time wasn’t so forgiving. The last few months of my sophomore year, I hardly did any work. I never felt so unproductive.

I have spent so much time doing online school that I have also sent my procrastination into a spiral and I haven’t been able to dig myself out of that current struggle, even though I am back in-person at school. I cannot function well with online school. The environment doesn’t suit me and I can’t function productively. I don’t have a good explanation for why that is, I just know that I have tried and failed to adapt to online schooling. I don’t think my GPA would be as it is if it weren’t for online schooling.