Overexposure, Good or Bad?

Maleah Evans , Reporter

In the modern world people are constantly exposed to anything and everything. With social media, a person is constantly thrown into the world of drama and politics. Sometimes people can be overexposed to social media and the things they saw can effect their daily life, either in a positive or negative way.

The easily impressionable can see the negative things and not know any better. They could have those things take over their lives and make them live in fear. An example of this is when a teen or kid hears about another school shooting that happened, they might become scared to go to school just incase a shooter comes to their school.

On the flip side, they could see the positive things and apply those to their lives to help them live better. An example could be a celebrity or social media influencer using their platform to promote living a healthy life, they people that follow them could see this and apply those things to their life to help them lead a healthier life, this could be a diet or a certain exercise.

Jennifer Anima says she feels like she needs to take a break from social media all of the time, that it gets addicting. She said too many people getting in her business made her feel like this. In order to ‘cleanse’ herself she deleted Twitter and didn’t get on her phone, she’d do homework or other things that kept her busy. She also feels like taking a break from social media every once in a while is necessary. “I think people say a lot of things on social media, just because it’s social media. I feel like people don’t take threats as seriously as they should” Anima said.