Scholars Bowl Recognition

Maleah Evans, Reporter

Scholars Bowl coach, Mr.McCoskey has confirmed that the scholars bowl team will be on the floor at the pep assembly on January 28. This is the first time the scholars bowl team has ever been recognized at a pep assembly.

The scholars bowl team has practice every advocacy and every red day lunch in A301.

The team also has a meet January 30 at Heights High School at 4:00pm. This meet is the City League championship.

Team member, Alli Wadlt who is on the JV team, said “it was pretty cool, usually its sports stuff and we’re not a sports team.” She said she mainly felt excitement because her and her friends got the recognition they deserve. Alli said she felt a little out of place but the crowd was pretty hype so that was cool.

Team member Isabel Paez, who plays on the Varsity team said “I felt really happy, I felt proud of my self and everyone else. She said she felt disbelief. Isabel said she felt nervous but happy.