First choir concert deemed a success by students, director

Anneleise Castillo, reporter

On Thursday, October 20th, North Highs Choirs had their first performance of the year.

performing in the concert were:


(in exactly that order.)

The Choir students have diligently and passionately worked hard for their performance including Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Kelsey. The applause the choir students received that night prove that their hard work didn’t go unnoticed. A comment from Samantha Valles, a north high student commented on what she thought about the concert saying, “the concert was amazing, it was so good — All choirs sounded good it was the first concert I went to and it made me want to go to more! It was really surprising cause I wasn’t expecting that, and it should be talked about more.”

Samantha went to the concert to support her friends in the choirs. Another comment was given by Luis Piedra, a senior from Northwest had said he thought, “The concert was extremely well balanced — The sopranos weren’t overpowering and complemented the men’s choir. Overall it was a great concert with engaging pieces that gave me goosebumps. the confidence of the singers, and how the conductor beamed into the audience. Inviting alumni to sing the alma mater at the end was a nice touch, showing the deep connection students have at North Highs.”

Choir student Yomira Garcia was happy with how the group performed. “I think overall the concert went well. We had good seamless transitions and all the choirs did a good job.”

Kaydinse Kinnard agreed. “I think nocturnes did really good specifically — I think we got to that point where it’s like, okay we’re doing this! Concert choir could’ve been better, but we did good. Overall we did good.”

Choir director Amy Davidson was proud of how her students performed.

“My proudest moments would have to be watching all the choirs get up there, and do their thing confidently.” I had also asked what were the things she planned to work on going forward — She noted that “We have a million things to work on” which proves we have not seen the best of our North High choir students, that the best has yet to come. she added, ” That it is why she likes music, and it is why it can draw people in –It can never be perfect, there is always something to work on.” Mrs. Davidson also stated she would also really like to continue to work on “Confidence and sight reading” lastly she added a comment that may flatter many choir students and proves their tenacity and determination saying “they’re learning faster and faster and faster and I just want to keep that going.”