KTI with Alex Garcia

Paola Cordero, Reporter

Kansas Truck Invasion or KTI for short is an event meant to bring truck crews all over Kansas together. Alex García has been one of the people to help organize this event which he’s been doing for three years. The latest KTI event was held on September 7th.

“I’ve always had a passion for trucks, but what inspired me the most is being able to show people that no matter what your background is you are capable of doing anything you want if you are willing to put in the work it takes,” Garcia said.

His first three events took place in the following: Watson Park, Kansas International Dragway and Mid America Dragway.

In the future he plans to do more events for 2020 and he hopes to do a charity event as well.

“I have learned alot, doing events take a lot of planning alot of organization. Every person you have in place is a key person to your events. It takes a team for everything to go smooth,” Garcia said.

“I want to add personal that have strong suits in what I dont. I want to build a stable team so we can continue giving the best experience in our events,” Garcia said.