Sing for Your Scholarships

Sadie Millard, Reporter

Are you ready for college? Students in College Prep are quickly finding out.

Taught by North High’s fourteen year Choral Director Amy Davidson, students are learning to stick their landing in college choral auditions.

The class begins with Davidson’s signature attendance routine. Instead of the traditional “Here!”, students respond to a prompt such as complimenting someone else in the room. Then the class of about ten students divides into practice rooms to rehearse their audition pieces, practice piano, and perform for each other.

Other days, the students perform in front of the entire class with piano accompaniment and introductions in mock auditions.

“We’re preparing for scholarship auditions for college,” senior Olivia Davis explains.

When asked if she was able to design her own curriculum for the course, Davidson says, “I have and its been so much fun. I guess I’ve been talking this class up so much that other schools have started.”

South High’s Choral Director Mr. Hay has also introduced the class to his students by teaming up with Mrs. Davidson over the summer to plan course material.

Davidson began offering this class to North High students at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

“I couldn’t afford to add another choir, they’re too expensive. I noticed in that year we didn’t do a lot of solo stuff and I thought it’d be beneficial. It’s paid off in more ways than I ever thought.”

Many of Mrs. Davidson’s former students have received vocal music scholarships, including full-rides.

Davidson wishes to impart confidence on her students long after the class has finished. “I think there’s no better thing a teacher can give to someone than not needing their teacher anymore.”