Reflecting On Senior Project

Morgan Dyke, Reporter

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We all have things in our life that make it seem like the world is coming to an end or our world’s at least. For me this thing so to speak was my senior project, and to many, it might seem silly but it was a major stress in my life.

Looking back I started off on the wrong foot by choosing an area that I was not very passionate about. I chose to do a study over cell phone usage and mental health in adolescents, and while it was by no means a boring project, I just wasn’t invested in the subject enough to go the extra mile. This in turn made concluding the study and writing my research summary a challenge, especially since Iโ€™m known to procrastinate.

I learned that it is best to just sit down and get it done no matter how much you don’t want to or how much time it takes. The presentation was one of the hardest parts of this project for me as speaking in front of a large number of people would make almost anyone uncomfortable. However, I practiced a lot by renting private rooms at the library. The presentation ended up being less scary then I thought, as once I got to the floor of the lecture hall and started talking I knew I had to just keep on going.

Overall, although senior project was extremely stressful and difficult in the moment I learned a lot from it. I learned the challenges of completing a study and in writing a 30 plus page research summary which I had never done before. I also learned how to push through stress and get my work done. This project taught me a lot about how I cope with new challenges and has made me more academically prepared for college.

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