North High Toy & Book Drive


Kimberly Mijares, Writer

This year North High is organizing a Toy and Book Drive for children!

Starting from February 20th through March 3rd, any toy and book donations can be made. Teams will go around during advocacy collecting any donations made from students or teachers.

Preferably, new/gently used donations as these donations are going towards the local Women’s Shelter and Children’s Homes.

These toys and books getting to kids and families in need is important for future generations.

Kids being hands-on, socializing and learning how to read is important in the development of social skills. As nowadays more kids have access to technology and screen time, it is a known fact that children with no toys don’t develop as quickly or are as effective as other children.

It’s important we’re still letting kids be kids and letting them enjoy their youth while also keeping them educated. Some children don’t learn how to read on time, reason being because some families don’t have access to assisting learning books, which is why books of any language are being accepted. Every donation is special and greatly appreciated!