Tardy Opinion

Kimberly Mijares, Writer

Academies should consider a ten-minute passing period in the morning where they don’t give out tardy passes. Sure, students could set your alarm to get up earlier, but sometimes they wake up earlier and are still late. Some days you don’t expect the traffic that there is, maybe a train stops you etc., but why should the students be punished by something they didn’t expect or can’t control.

So many students are unintentionally late in the morning just by a minute or two. I think the students would really appreciate those ten minutes in the morning. I don’t think in those ten minutes you’ll miss anything. The teachers are barely taking attendance and handing out and explaining the following assignment/s of the day to the class. As it is the teacher’s job to inform you on the assignment, it’s also your responsibility to make sure you know all the information if you come in late, so you could always just ask those around you.

If ten minutes is too generous, I’m sure even with five minutes, it’ll make a huge difference and be a relief to students that they don’t have to get a tardy pass and attend lunch detention.

“I drive myself to school and most of the time I get here minutes before 8 but trying to find a parking spot takes me some time. Some days I wake up earlier to try to make it to school on time, but the traffic in the morning is so bad which causes me to be late by a minute or two. Those ten minutes doesn’t affect the whole lesson, I’ll easily get caught up coming into class because that’s usually when the teacher starts explaining the assignment. So many students realize they’re late and don’t end up going to class for that reason, if we had those free ten-minutes in the morning students wouldn’t be able to use tardy slips as an excuse to not go to class.” Alexa Flores, a junior student said.