3 Best places for lunch

Erin Hernandez, Reporter

Wanting something more filling and school lunch ain’t doing for ya? Here are the three best places for lunch hour!

1. Gorditas Durango

Wanting something fresh and easy to get? Look no farther than Gorditas Durango! They do Mexican, American, and seafood; having several options on the menu for everyone! With its short distance, you will have food in no time. It’s recommended to order a tad early to have the fantastic chefs prep the food so you don’t have to wait as long if you order it when lunch starts!

2. Riverside Cafe

Still want a breakfast meal during lunchtime or a simple sandwich? Riverside Cafe has it for you! With its large options of meals to pick from, it would be a perfect spot to take a few friends and yourself to get a bite to eat. Choose what you want for that lunch and they’ll give you the best service possible.

3. McDonalds

If you need something fast and have a car, then it’s best to go here if you don’t like the wait! It might be more expensive but it often takes a bit to get back to school grounds, but at least you still have something for you and your friends to eat!