Soccer advances to 6A quarterfinals


Head coach Curt Wullschleger knew how the challenge that 6-seed Manhattan would bring to his team. However, the biggest challenge may have been the weather.

With winds gusting around 60 miles per hour, North capitalized on a penalty kick in the first half, and held on for a 1-0 victory.

Alvaro Quezada was fouled in the goal box which awarded North a penalty kick that Francisco Lopez took and scored.

Wullschleger was proud of how his team adapted to the conditions and the game.

“The sustained 33 mph winds with gusts of up to 61 mph make it challenging to move the ball consistently,” Wullschleger said.  “The players have to account for it for 80 minutes.  Running into the wind takes a toll on your stamina, focus, and work rate.  Judging the balls’ flight in the air becomes difficult when the wind is that strong.  The weather is never an excuse as both teams have to play in it, but it affected the way both teams were able to play.  I’ve found the first team to embrace the weather usually is the winning side.”

The North defense collected its 13th shutout of the season. Up next is Dodge City, the only team to give North a loss this season. Dodge City defeated North in the championship game of the Titan Classic, 3-0.

However, Wullschleger feels good about the rematch.

“The boys are up to the challenge.  Coach Sullivan & I watched the film from our match and we learned a lot about both teams,” Wullschleger said. “We maintained possession, created scoring opportunities, and played with confidence.  Dodge City’s defense proved to be formidable and they tucked away their chances in critical moments.  We had a goal called back that would have given us a 1-0 lead, which changes the flow of the game.  The boys are ready for another opportunity vs DC.  I can’t think of a better challenge to punch our ticket to the final four for the first time since 1991 than a road game at the undefeated defending state champions!  It doesn’t get any tougher than that.”