Senior Night!


Marie Loest, Reporter

The 2021- 2022 boys swimming and diving senior comes to an end. What an exciting, fun way for these seniors to be recognized. Coach Turley and our five seniors were filled with joy and excitement about the swim meet.

Elijah, Riley, Wyatt, Marcos, and Land are the five seniors who managed to all have personal best times for this meet. East Highschool and West Highschool attended this invite. Many high fives, smiles, and joyful memories were made. Great competition, great meet overall.

These boys have a future all planned and ready after high school. They were all called one by one and walked out with their parents, who had a smile from one ear to another. They all lined up, stood proud and tall ready to finish off their last home meet. Their last home meet as seniors.

What a journey these boys have been on. Just a few weeks and they will make their way to city league, then state to represent North High. What an amazing way to finish off the season for these boys. Congratulations!