Botanica Illuminations


Peyton Adams and Marie Loest

One of the biggest holiday attractions in the Wichita area is the Botanica Illuminations.  This display is a beautiful holiday event that’s perfect to enjoy with your family. Botanica is one of the best places during this time of year to get out with loved ones.

It costs $13 for non members, $9 for members and children under 12, children under 2 years of age are free. In the garden meadow, there’s over 360 poles with 6,000 lights moving to music. The new display contains 36 moving head beam lights and a 25 foot Christmas tree with over 15,000 pixels.

You can enjoy hot chocolate and snacks that can be found in multiple stops throughout the display. Botanica also encourages  kids to write letters and give them to Santa who appears there every night through December 23rd. Every year children line up to see Santa and get pictures. Botanica is one of the best places during this time of year to get out with family and spend time with loved ones.

They are always adding new lights and new displays. We ask some people how they liked Botanica this year. A first timer said her favorite part was “How the lights match up with the music.”

A new project was added to Botanica, the Koch Carousel Gardens. All new sculptures, all new art, more room for lights. Though, a lot of old pathways were blocked off this year for an unknown reason.

Another attendee was asked how they were liking the new displays this year compared to years passed. “It is very different, a lot of things are blocked off and its all one way traffic. But it’s still beautiful to see all the lights, especially the new ones.”