Self-Esteem at North High

Ellie Steinwell, Writer

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Whether it be about body image or grades in school, or how well you interact with others, student’s tend to have pressure on them to conform to whatever society thrusts upon them.

With pressure comes issues with standing up for themselves when it comes to something they believe in, which in turn effects their self esteem. Self Esteem is the confidence someone feels for themselves or their abilities.

Now, when someone has high self esteem, they tend to be more confident and upbeat. They don’t let bad comments about them from others tear them down.

When someone has low self esteem they tend to feel bad about whatever they do. They think they aren’t good enough or try to please others to try and divert the attention from them. They tend to have a negative outlook on life and tend to be snappish or irritated. Students with low self esteem might have low grades or feel bad about they look or act.

Sometime’s  a teens clothing, their grades, even the way they talk can affect how they see themselves  and how they  think others see them. A students’ environment and overall education can effect their self esteem as well. A 2002 study titled “The Case Against Grade by Michael Thomsen” at the University of Michigan found that 80 percent of students surveyed based their self-worth on academic performance.