The Secrets Behind Social Media and Relationships


Jennifer Anima, Reporter


National Boyfriend Day is celebrated on October 3rd, but for some reason this year it became a trend on almost every social media platform.

Just like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, there is a national boyfriend day celebrating an individual’s sweetheart. This year, this national day has been advertised more than ever. Does this day makes people feel entitled to jump into a relationship? How has social media impacted those in relationships? Do single people deserve a holiday?

Most people would agree that when being in a relationship it seems as though there are already boundaries and standards to live up to. Some as basic as “Don’t cheat on me or I’ll break up with you”. With the addition of National Holidays for significant others such as Valentines day, it places an additional standard when it comes to being in a relationship.

When people celebrate holidays like these, pictures of flowers, chocolates, and the new trend of Pandora rings, are plastered everywhere. This has become the new norm for showing your affection to someone, not getting a Kendra Scott necklace is worse than not saying “I love you.”

In this new generation, a new problem has risen causing the same question to linger in relationships “Why don’t you post me?” The shocking discovery is that most people do not do it for affection but attention. They need a sort of validation from others or simply fake how well their relationship is going by posting each other on Facebook with the caption “We’re good over here.”

These “National” days in reality are seen as social media ploys to meet standards of the new generation and for social platforms alone to gain publicity, money, and fame.

So for this “Spooky Season” (another social media ploy) will you be getting your significant other Spooky Basket?