North Entrepreneurs

Dorely Espinoza, Raul Reyes, and Alexa Almeda

Being a student at North High comes with being part of diverse activities.  Some students can be a part of sports like soccer and volleyball, while others can be art of clubs like halo and hip-hop. But some students choose to create their own business.

First up we have a young entreprenuer named Ashley Gamez. Ashley is a junior who has a passion for nails. Ashley grew up watching her mom do nails which later led her to follow in her mom’s footsteps. Ashley enjoys doing nails because she learns skills such as, communication, networking, and working hard. She feels like it’s preparing her for the real world.

One manicure takes approximately 1 hour and 30 mins. Her prices start at $25 and increases depending on what kind of set you want.

If you would like to contact her you can find her on Messenger as Ashley Michelle.

Next, we have Tate Miller. Tate is a senior who started her own business called Growing Gifts. It is replacement idea for a bouquet of flowers. Growing gifts is a cheaper long lasting alternative to store bought bouquets of flowers. “Giving someone a Growing Gift has more sentimental value and lasts longer than store-bought bouquets,” said Tate.

Growing Gifts is dedicated to recycling ceramics from second hand stores and giving them a new purpose. Small contributions to help environment make a big difference.

They range from $10-$15 and are potted upon request. Tate says it takes around 5-8 days for the plant to adjust to its new pot, and after that, she delivers the gift, or it can be picked up. Each Growing Gift also comes with a personalized card with rules and steps on how to care for your new plant.