JV Soccer Wins Northwest Tournament

Ivan Gallegos, Raul Reyes, and Christian Onesto

In their first game in the tournament, JV played Salina South. They won 6-1, with goals scored by Roberto Segura, Raul Reyes, Arturo Veliz (2 goals), and Alvaro (Junior) Quezada (also with two goals). Illian Martinez had 2 assists.

In the semi final, North played Washburn and got took the win with a 3-0 score. Goals were scored by Alvaro (Junior) Quezada (2 goals) and Sergio Olguin. Assists were by Artuo Veliz, Tony Hernandez, and Alex Barrera.

In the final, North beat Derby 5-1! Goals were scored by Arturo Veliz, Alvaro (Junior) Quezada (2 goals), Illian Martinez (2 goals), and Sergio Olguin. Assists were by Emiliano Gallo, Ivan Gallegos, Oscar Garcia.