An Adventure to New York City

Maleah Evans , Reporter

Some students in the North High drama department are taking a trip to NYC and Chicago, but sadly there are no more spots for the trip. Even though there aren’t any spots left, you can sign up and be put on a holding list if interested.

The trip is during spring break this year, and the students will have the chance to see nine Broadway shows and three shows in Chicago while on the trip. This is probably more Broadway shows than any other person gets to see on average in their lifetime!

The base price was $1,650, and some of the shows had extra add-on prices. If you chose those shows your price would go up. The base price covers everything but meals and souvenirs.

Students were given a list of 32 shows and were told to pick their top 9 for Broadway. They also had the option to add Phantom of the Opera as their 10th Broadway show for an extra $30. Some of the other shows that included an add-on were, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Book of Mormon, Lion King, Wicked, Frozen, and Moulin Rouge. Hamilton is the most expensive with an add on of $165.

Allison Waldt, a sophomore at North is going on the trip in 2020. “I am most excited to meet new people! We’re going with kids from other high schools, not just North, and people in the city are going to be enamored by us ‘farmer folk’,” Allison said. Her confirmed shows are Tootsie, Aladdin, Beetlejuice, Book of Mormon, Chicago, Come From Away, Dear Evan Hansen, Lion King, Hamilton, and Phantom of the Opera. Waldt heard about the trip from a friend who went a few years ago.