Senior involvement at North is important


Johnah Grant, Reporter

At North and at most high schools, the Senior class is held up to higher expectations than other classes. They are expected to be role models and leaders to the other classes. Senior year can be stressful with things like Senior project, studying for the ACT, preparing for college or just trying to figure out what you’re going to do with your life after high school. But in reality, the year will be over before you know it, everything you do now you should try to make it count.

Something all Seniors should try to consider for this year is to be more involved in school. Some people may oppose that under the circumstances that being involved in school is “nerdy” or “lame.”  This is not true, showing school spirit and being involved are things you should be proud of. This will be the last time you get that chance.

The class sponsor for the Senior class or the class of 2020 is Mrs.Park. She stresses that being involved in school is what actually makes a well rounded person and that “It helps teach personal inner skills, technology is important but we need to know how to actually interact.” It has also been proven in multiple scientific studies that being more involved in school can have positive effects on a student in many ways. She also wants to remind Seniors we have a voice in what goes on in our school and that we should be the change. “If you don’t like what is happening at school, make a positive change. Sitting back and complaining is making a change but it continues to go towards the negative.”

One thing Seniors can start being involved in is helping raise money for Project grad. With enough money raised, Project grad will give Seniors their last opportunity to party together as a class in a safe environment. Everyone who attends would receive at least one gift. In the past students have received things like a flat screen TV, microwaves and a mini refrigerator. Besides being being an opportunity to party as a class it is something to prepare you for life as the gifts are things that are one less thing you have to buy. Seniors should go to class meetings for information and get the word out.

Seniors may not realize this but being apart of the class of 2020 is iconic and we should leave a legacy behind. Even if you are doing something as small as helping making posters for a pep assembly or going to a football game, get out there and get involved and support your class and school. The way your last year of high school goes is only what you make of it.