Teens roles for the future

Davina Alvarez - Reporter , reporter

Did you know that there are 800 million teenagers in the world? That’s 13% of the global population. Its the highest number of teenagers yet.

“Teenagers are forced to be reckoned with. Making up 13% of the population, teens are an important source of inspiration for the future.”- The globalist

In just a short time, they will become the leaders of our society’s and environment. It might not be the exact mindset they have right now, but all of their ideas are coming from the adults viewpoints.

Teenagers have an important role to society. Every decision that we make as humans has an effect to it. Not only on their personal future, but the future of society as a whole.

Teenagers always want to find out about themselves. But they are less willing to believe that they can choose who they want to be.

As teenagers, sometimes they are not taken seriously. People make assumptions that they are troublemakers and can do no good. When people refer to teenagers with a negative connotation attached, it doesn’t make sense to me because that person was once a teenager too.

Parents play a large role in teenagers’ futures too. They raise them and have them grow up believing certain things. And then when they become a teenager, they take what they have learned and combine it with the stuff that they are learning on their own.

“The reality is that many teens are overwhelmed by the countless possibilities available to them.” – Roy Petitfils