Do you match?

Grace Claudio and Wendy Martinez

Do you match?  Is matching important to high school students?

If you have a complete, one color outfit, we feel that you don’t match. But this isn’t our opinion- its about the students. So we asked a student, junior Ellie Stockwell, some questions about this topic, and this is how she responded.

What does she consider matching? “If its orange-brown or purple-blue yes, and of course an all black outfit.”

Does she consider herself someone who always matches her articles of clothing? “At the moment, yes.”

Is matching important to her? “Yes, because it shows that you care about your appearance to other people.”

So to some people, such as Ellie, matching is an important thing. Colors can also matter very much because it could reflect what people assume about you. For example- if you wear all black, people assume you are “emo.”  But if you wear an all yellow, pink, blue, or red outfit, you can look like a marker or highlighter.

But that is just our opinions, if you wear an all color outfit and you like it then just slay your outfit. Your style should never be affected by one persons opinion.