Crocs make a come back

Jennifer Anima, Reporter

Crocs have made a booming comeback in the last two years . Revenues have increased 9% and are expected to continue to increase up to 11%. Rumors have spread leading the world to think the only reason Crocs came back was due to them being “Ugly”. But is this the REAL reason crocs came back?

Gathering poll votes from our Twitter page (@wnhsmedia), only about 30% of our student body actually wears crocs. It seems odd since they are on almost every social media platform and have a lot of clout. Although only 30% wears them, it was not hard to find those who enjoy and wear them.

Different factors play into why crocs are a hit. The main reason received in almost every interview has been the fact that they are comfortable. Other reasons as to why they wear them is because they are stylish, not tight on one’s feet, different, and a lightweight shoe you can simply slip on. CCC coordinator Sherdeill Breathett pointed out how crocs have helped him in his athletic career. “for me ive had a couple injuries like tore my hamstring, lower back injuries playing football. They’re just really comfortable, great shoe to walk around in and my feet can breathe in them as well.”  Breathett said. Every person recommended the rubber holed shoe but had different opinions when it came to the price.

The average price for Crocs in 2006 was $14 “Unless you go to ross now you can’t get them for under 30 bucks,” Breathett said. Majority voted that they are overpriced but some agree that it is necessary for the company to raise the price. “If there’s more people that are gonna wear them they can be more expensive.” Tia Hadley said. “ I feel like they are overpriced, but they’re totally worth it.” Anais Castaneda said.

Not only are we seeing people use Crocs because of how they feel but because of how they look. In some way Crocs have become a fashion statement of what is comfy, different, and at some point what WAS something no one wanted to wear. There are over 20 colors of crocs, over 20 styles, and thousands of Jibbitz. This makes it easier to style them with different outfits and styles. Most people try to match but others simply don’t care and wear them with sweats. “They’re like the first thing that I like reach for.” Ale Espino said.

Other trends like suspenders, mom jeans, and Champion have also made a come back and have a similar factor as to why, no one wanted to wear them. “When I was a kid you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a champion shirt because that was like the stuff you would see at like walmart or something. Now everybody is walking around with champion on and I remember as a kid that was the last thing you wanted to wear. Anything that you will get made fun of for wearing today will probably be cool five years from now, so hold on to it.” Art teacher Adam Soyring said.

As we come to an end to the Croc era, society with the help of media, and influencers will decide what trends are yet to come.