Campus Life

Alyssa Goerzen, Reporter

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The question of whether or not religion should be taught in schools is a heavily debated topic that has been discussed throughout the years. Though there are not any religion-based classes here at North, there is a bible study club led by several teachers. The club focuses around Christianity and the ideals surrounding Christianity. “What we do in Campus Life, we have a team of leaders, and every week they choose a lesson,” says Amanda Conner, a science teacher at North.

At their meetings, the club leaders present a bible lesson so everyone else can learn about it. When asked which testament (old or new) they follow and collect lessons from, it was revealed that they alternate annually. In the 2019-2020 school year, the club will be focusing on the New Testament.

Within the bounds of religion, some religious followings believe you need to do certain things or act a certain way to be welcomed as a full participant of the church. However, following North High’s guidelines of inclusiveness and acceptance, anyone who genuinely wants to be in the club will be welcomed with open arms. “We believe that you can’t do anything to become a good Christian,” says Conner, “Our only belief is that Christ died for our sins.”


The club meets in F207 on Friday during lunch.