Football Preview

Davina Alvarez - Reporter

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Last season Wichita North ended a long losing streak by winning two games in a row. Chris Zaricki, who graduated last year, was really impressed, especially with how hard the coaches worked.  “I doubted how a smaller division coach would do in a bigger league. He really impressed me my senior year and I was disappointed I couldn’t help more,” said Zaricki.

This year’s off season went really well according to the offensive line coach, M. Kucera. “They worked hard. It was a really productive summer,” said Kucera. He believes that this season is going to go really well. “We’re able to get some good experience from some underclassman and hopefully the game experience shows this year.”

The football coaches have a new system where more people are getting quality reps. The returning top player is linebacker, Joe Williams. “I feel like this year is going to go good. We got great coaches and a good senior group,’ said Williams. Last season, Williams finished with 1,469 yards with 9 touchdowns. “It’s my last year playing, and I’m going to make it special. Joe is continuing to play football in college and hopes to become a firefighter.

Jaquan Stewart, who plays wingback and corner, can’t wait for the upcoming season.  “This year is going to be a blast. I can’t wait to put North on the map,” Stewart said. Since he is a senior, he plans to leave everything on the field and be a great teammate. He hopes to keep playing after high school.

Senior Trey Mitchell claims that this season is going to be great. “I think this season is probably going to be the best the school has had in a while,” said Mitchell. He didn’t play for the school last year but from what he heard there is a lot of potential so he hopes that the potential is turned into greatness this season. “I think we have a really good group.”  He hopes to continue in playing sports in college along while majoring in business.

Ashton Anderson, who plays wide receiver, hopes that this season goes well. “We’re looking pretty good this season.” Since it’s also his last year playing he wants to give it his all, and he thinks that everyone else should also.  Anderson is continuing in college and hopes to go into the military.

September 6th, is the first game of the 2019-2020 season.