A step out of your comfort zone

Trying new things in high school can be tough, especially when faced with the pressure of fitting in. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone might be the last thing on our mind along with the idea of putting oneself out there. Although taking risks may seem useless and mentally exhausting, the reward is priceless.

Pushing yourself is the key to personal growth. Instead of allowing the years to go by and staying in one’s comfort zone, it’s important to try new things. Every change requires balance and a gradual transition. We can’t expect to evolve and reach future goals if we only stick to old habits and the same daily routine. A bird doesn’t learn to fly by staying in its nest, it leaps in order to reach new heights.  

” I think that pushing yourself is important because it not only helps you grow as a person, but allows you to experience new things and meet new people along the way. It may be hard at first but with time it becomes easier as you start to have fun,”  sophomore Blanca Rivas said.

Fear can oftentimes stop us from trying new things. The idea of being judged or failing can seem scary and to some degree much worse than a nightmare, but the reality is everyone is much more focused on themselves than in the world around them. It’s important to remind yourself that if you fail, so what? The world didn’t end. Every experience holds a lesson and failing can often times teach you more than succeeding can.

“I feel out of my comfort zone when I go to my husband’s work parties! They feel awkward to me,” Mrs Randolph divulged.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone not only allows you to be more productive and creative, but it can essentially make it easier to be more flexible when unexpected things happen in the future. The knowledge gained through new experiences can also help contribute to one’s personal goals, mindset, and overall happiness.

“I stepped out of my comfort zone by taking Journalism class. I usually don’t talk to many people and keep to myself, but in that class, you have to,” said Senior Eddie Arenas. “Cutting my hair to at a length just below my ears when it was waist length most of the time was a big step out of my comfort zone,” Junior Zoey Uhrig revealed.

Next time you find yourself debating whether or not to try out for a sport or join a club, remember that stepping out of one’s comfort zone leads to new opportunities, more open doors.