Who am I? A quest for identity

Karla Cardenas Pasten, Writer

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Everyone finds the answer to the question “ Who am I” at different times. It is during high school that teenagers begin to define their own sense of identity. In the quest to fit in and proclaim independence, many begin to establish a purpose and meaning in life as they transition into adulthood.

The responsibilities and burdens that come with being an adolescent often times allow individuals to grow as people and realize the importance of caring for the future. The gradual transition from childhood to adulthood often times urges students to think about potential career paths and college opportunities.

Knowing who you are can often time be difficult. Many find themselves asking themselves the question “ Who am I” over and over, but the answer is something that takes time to find. It’s through experiences and lessons learned that the concept of true identity is able to be grasped.

When one is younger, the world around us is a complex thing and looking up to someone to formulate our ideas is a go-to action, but as we grow, our knowledge also expands. What once seemed one way now appears another way. Influenced by contradicting ideas and thoughts, adolescents learn to apply past experiences to present scenarios.

Teenagers, during their quest of identity, find themselves gaining new experiences and learning new things. During their high school years, their identity can take different names, shapes, and forms. It can change, develop, and evolve.

While students interested in music may place their identities in their music, art students may place it in their art. From the countless paths of life, high school students must use wisdom to choose the path they’ll take in the search for themselves. Identity isn’t just something you believe in but the map that will guide you through life’s journey.