Alumni’s Friendly Visit to North


Adriana Bernal, Reporter

Last week North high alumni Martha Williams Prentice came to visit her beloved school. Martha graduated in 1962. The reason she came back was to donate a book called “Write Again: A collection of stories,articles,memoirs and poems.” In the book, Martha has 10 poems published . She even designed the cover of the page herself. Her poems are so good and have a lot of meaning to them. One of my favorite poems that she recited for me was “How lovely was the quiet.” But she mentioned that not all of her poems rhyme and she writes in different style. She’s been writing all her life and she composed her first poem when she was only 3 years old. She was in her house minding her own business and her older sister heard her say “Big and little , short and tall, I like this one best of all.” That was her first poem she ever recited. “You either have it or you don’t have it. You are or you aren’t.”The words “YouBut she never showed her work to anyone because it was so personal. She had boxes and boxes of poetry hiding under her bed and in the closet and in the bottom drawer of her dresser. Due to this book she has sold 22 books because people hear her recite her poems.