North hosts KU Language Fair

Tate Miller, Reporter

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KU held a language fair in the gym mezzanine on April 5th. Students had the opportunity to learn Portuguese, Kiswahili, Arabic, and Chinese. Students were taught the basics of each language by professors from KU.

KU is pushing to teach less commonly taught languages.

Fellowship opportunities are available, offering academic year awards and summer awards for graduates and undergraduates in foreign language and area studies at KU.

“Students get to learn the basics of each language, the culture, region and who speaks them.” Said Aron Muci who is directing the language fair.

Professors teach the basics, hello, how are you, where are you from, and goodbye. Students repeat after the professor. Getting the chance to carry a basic conversation with the professor.

“I find it really interesting, I want to explore and learn new languages to travel abroad in the future,” Sophomore Alyssa Gerzen who attended the language fair said.

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