Prepping for prom

Paola Cordero, Reporter

Prom is around the corner and many girls are stressed about what they should wear. Many have gone around looking from place to place to find the perfect dress. Some girls are stressed about their hair and makeup, months prior to the special date. Even boys stress on who they are going to take because they want to look good with that specific person.

“Prom is always stressful for us seniors because we want to go all out,” senior Vanessa Sanchez said.

Senior Ana Lopez added, “Prom is an unforgettable night for all who attend, we all plan to have fun with our friends and our dates.”

Most people start planning for prom around March. They choose a color. their dress then start booking appointments for their hair, makeup, and nails.

Don’t procrastinate and leave things for the last minute, prepare within time and avoid stress.