The new “it” trend: Good bye false lashes, hello lash lift

Karla Cardenas Pasten, writer

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Having gorgeous, full, and curlier eyelashes has always been a must in most people’s beauty resolutions. False eyelashes and eyelash extensions have never ceased from being a popular trend among teenagers, but lately, lash lifts have become the new sensation. 

Lash lifts, being the newest “it” trend in beauty, are gaining a lot of attention- and it’s not for a bad reason. Its popularity due to its easy and quick procedure, and the final results. Not only does it lasts longer than eyelash extensions, but it also has fewer potential side effects. Aside from that, customers have the choice of customizing their results by choosing the shape of the curl or adding a tint.

What exactly is a lash lift? A lash lift can be described as a semi-permanent treatment, in other words, a perm for your eyelashes.  The treatment rapidly gives the eyelashes a lift, separation, and extra definition without using harmful chemicals or any type of extensions.

How does the lash lift procedure work? The procedure begins with a consultation. After seeing the options and making your goals clear such as the shape and volume, the perm begins. The person in charge of conducting the perm separates the lower and upper lashes. They then apply a silicone pad to your upper lid. After that, they glue the lashes to the pad and start shaping the eyelashes into a more defined curl. The last step is the application of three lotions which contain the perming chemicals. Each lotion lasts for up to 10+ minutes- the entire treatment lasting from 45 minutes to an hour.

What’s the price range? A lash lift’s price depends on the city, location, and the technician. The most common price range is from $60 to $200 +.

Up to how long does an eyelash lift last? It is worth it? Depending on how quickly your eyelashes grow and how much you take care of them, a lash lift can typically last from 6 to 8 weeks. The results can, however, be extended by using growth serums & oils. Whether the procedure is worth it or not depends on the person. Although it’s not a permanent solution to obtaining gorgeous lashes, it allows you to experience having flawless eyelashes effortlessly.

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