Sophomores discover no lunch passes for second semester

Paola Cordero & Adriana Bernal, Reporter

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When coming back to a new semester, many sophomores were excited to be allowed to go out for lunch to Jack’s and Walgreens. They had heard that coming back from winter break they’d be allowed to go to the following places only if they had earned 10 or more credits. However, students found out that they wouldn’t be able to do so since the BOE Policy- School Lunch Period Activities in Section B AIP #2 states principals are not authorized to extend open lunch to grades 6-10. Ms.Doyle said 4-5 students spoke to her about their concern and it’s not something she’ll reconsider next year because she’ll continue to follow the BOE Policy 1358. In the agenda book p. 50 is incorrect and hasn’t been properly fixed.

“P6320 References how students are enrolled by Cohorts.

1st year in high school- 9th grade

2nd year- 10th grade

3rd year- 11th grade

4th year- 12th grade

“We do not classify by credits anymore since the KSDE changed the way they calculate graduation data for the state,” Doyle said.


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