Principal Doyle clarifies pajama day confusion

Paola Cordero & Yessica Gonzalez, Reporter

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Many students have been hearing rumors about Ms.Doyle not allowing pj day for spirit week. This rumor caused a lot of commotion among the students. Students wondered why it wasn’t allowed. “It’s not allowed because pjs are against our school dress code,” Doyle said. When she was told it had been done before Ms.Doyle also said Pjs and hats aren’t the only option for a spirit week.

After going around and asking a few students they have said it’s nonsense. Some of the student council members are upset about the fact that pj day isn’t  being allowed. “I decided not to go directly against our dress code policy regarding no pj’s,” Doyle said.

Doyle says that when she first came to North, many teachers were concerned about dress code and that’s one of the main things she wants to accomplish on changing. When she was asked if she’ll reconsider it for next year she responded with “I will take your concern to Building Committee and seek input from staff.”



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