Friends Friendly Visit to AP Spanish

Adriana Bernal, Reporter

On February 6th, 2019, the AP Spanish class had a visit from some students from Friends University who take Spanish. Teresa Molian, Spanish Professor at Friends, joined as well. North Spanish teacher Andrea Brant had set up four tables with 6-7 students from her class and there were six students from Friends, and students each got time to know each another. The goal of the AP spanish class was to help or teach the Friends students about our AP spanish class, since they are taking spanish. But as a whole class students got to learn about some of the students from Friends. The group talked about their goals in life and why they decided to learn spanish. They also asked students questions about themselves and what their plans were for the future.  The AP students also heard learned about how some of the credits were earned at Friends. Molina talked about how students can receive scholarships just by knowing two languages.