New filter blocks certain websites from district Wi-Fi network

Rosalia Salazar, Reporter

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As students came back from winter break, many started noticing that websites like Twitter, Cool Math, Pandora and Gmail have been blocked from the district’s Wi-Fi network.

These blocks have caused outrage from several students because they limit their ability to communicate and pass the time in their classes or lunch. It has even affected the journalism staff because now we are unable to access our Twitter account during the school day. We are unable to reach out to our over 1,000 followers and provide them with school news they might have missed out on the announcements or throughout the week.

“I think blocking sites like Twitter and Cool Math was kind of pointless,” Senior Celia Eichbauer said. “It won’t stop anyone from being unproductive if that’s what the district was thinking.” Some students seem the blocks won’t limit student from spending time one their phones when they aren’t supposed to but others think that won’t be the case. “I think it will help students maintain focus in class,” Junior Jennifer Anima said.

We’ve reached out to many district representatives regarding this issue but have not received a response as of yet.