Ukulele Club Makes it’s Debut

Jennifer Anima, Reporter

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For Mrs. Brubaker the Ukulele club is something she has already experienced at her previous school. On Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s students get together in Mrs. Brubaker’s room to play Ukuleles, some brought by students and some provided by Mrs. Brubaker. On Monday’s advanced players go in and practice independently while beginners come in Tuesdays for orientation and Thursdays for practice. On their first meeting on November 27th 14 students showed up in time to get an instrument and late comers could not attain a Ukulele. With the attendance Brubaker was surprised and excited, but Kyree Thomas stood out the most.


Thomas is a 15 year old Sophomore who is involved in Choir, Band, Diving, and now Ukulele club. Even though Kyrees parents tell him to “Sit down for once.”, he became interested in Ukulele Club when Mrs. Brubaker entered the Choir room during lunch one day and asked for singers for the club. Thomas and his two friends decided to sing with Mrs. Brubaker while she and another student played. They recorded while they sand the song Riptide by Vance Joy. The video was then sent in to be viewed for the chance to gain a grant from The Wichita Community Foundation. Luckily, the grant got accepted and they sent her money.


Since Kyree plays the Tuba and Piano, playing the Ukulele came easy to him. At the meetings students sign in and write down any song suggestions they have in mind. They then proceed to picking up sheets with new music every meeting provided by Brubaker and they begin to practice and perform.


“It’s a stress reliever I know that and it gives them a way to express themselves.” Thomas said.