Movie Review: The Hate U Give

Kenda Farhat, Reporter

‘The Hate U Give’ movie is an adaptation of Angie Thomas’ YA novel of the same title. The movie is about a 16 year old African American girl, Starr Carter, who lives in a poor neighborhood but attends a rich, predominantly white private school. She finds herself pretending to be two different versions of herself, depending on the people she is around in either environment.

Starr is seemingly content with the way things are until she is driving back home from a party and is pulled over with her friend, Khalil Harris. He is unrightfully shot and Starr is the witness, giving her sudden attention from outlets. Starr is torn between advocating for her friend’s rights and remaining in her safe bubble. The movie follows her story in self realization and growth, is a surprisingly great movie.

I was dragged to it but ended up thoroughly enjoying it. It’s definitely top-tier when it comes to teen movies, and in that specific genre I would give it a 4 out of 5.