Family transcends blood: Gabriella Krkosska

Kenda Farhat, Reporter

A common quote is the one stating, “Blood is thicker than water.” However, what happens when one’s blood is lacking, when their family is deficient in the amount of support they offer? Instead it makes more sense for someone to fall back on those who choose to be in their life and do not do it out of obligation due to being stuck in thesituation. This is a philosophy adapted by Gabriella Krkosska, who appreciates the people there for her every day. “The fact that whenever I’m in need or upset or need something, they are there more than my blood family will,” Krkosska said. She met her best friends because they all rode the same bus, and they have all been close ever since.The lasting nature of their friendship stems from “the fact that we see each other a lot and we are all supportive and don’t like having drama in our group.” She thinks these common beliefs about no drama being necessary are why they have a trouble free friendship.

Sophomore Gabriella Krkosska

With growing up comes many life lessons. Gabriella states that, “(J)ust because you are family, doesn’t mean they arealways going to be there for you. You get stuck with family, but you choose friends.” Traits that she seeks out in friends are, “Someone who is honest and has my best interest at heart.” It is disappointing when being let down by those who are meant to care, but the bright side is that one can always seek out their own people who share interests and are genuinely there, for better or for worst.