REVIEW: Field of Screams: Kansas’ most popular haunted attraction


Kenda Farhat, Reporter

Last week, I went to the Field of Screams, located at 4055 N. Tyler Road
in Maize  with a group of friends. General Admission tickets are $20 per person, and a specific time must be selected for the tickets being bought. The minute we were dropped off of the creepy train and onto the main grounds to line up for the actual attraction, we were greeted with shouting people trying to avoid the costumed people, who successfully scared practically everyone.

The workers do not hold back at all, and never break character whatsoever. To get through the haunted maze, we had to journey through dirty fields, unruly forests, dark trenches, and the butcher houses complete with not one, but two escapes from chainsaw-equipped clowns who were just at the heels of our running feet.

After getting past a few fields and murder houses, we were handed 3D glasses by sarcastic, decked-out clowns to accompany our visit to Clown Town. This entire section is filled with dizzying effects that make it difficult to walk when wearing the supplied glasses.

I cannot imagine not going with at least one other person, since I was gripping my friends’ hands tighter than the spaces we had to squeeze through. A group would definitely be recommended to come along. Just remember to not call any of your group’s names, we learned this the hard way after a possessed little girl chanted, “Kelly’s for dinner, Kelly’s for dinner!” after they had discovered my friend’s name was Kelly. Word got passed along, and several people taunted her!

Be prepared to run as fast as possible, squeeze into tight places, and blindly estimate where you are going. There are also contraptions that can trigger seizures and claustrophobia.

I would give this experience a 5 out of 5. The magic of it cannot be properly captured in words, it must be experienced firsthand. If you have the guts, then go for it.