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April Draut, Reporter

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The Wichita North High weights class is different than any other weights class in the district. What sets it apart is its sled test. It is a test of endurance and a full body activating workout. The test was created by North’s own, coach Joe Belden. The test consists of a sled that weighs 100 pounds and it is performed by pushing the individual students body weight down 100 yards and then sprinting back and having to pull the sled with a rope to the finish. It is one of the most physical demanding tasks to perform. When it is sled test day, the entire weight room comes together to support each other. Belden created the sled test because he “wanted to do something that set you guys apart from everybody else, all the other schools test bench and squat, but we are the only school that tests the sled,” he said. The sled test has been around in the North High weight room for more than four years. It is a chance for students to feel good about themselves. Most kids who do not bench a lot of weight end up executing the sled test. It gives students a sense of empowerment that stays with them forever.

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