History Club prepares for first field trip

Rosalia Salazar, Reporter

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History Club president Jorge Chairez-Ollarzabal led his cabinet members in a cabinet meeting to help plan the club’s first field trip of the year.

They have picked the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library and Museum in Abilene, Kansas to be their first field trip of the year on October 30th. They hope to take at least a full school bus of History Club members. So far they have about 15 spots filled for members.

“We hope to take a full bus of members, this is where our membership drive will come into play,” Ollarzabal said. The club hopes to attract many more members for the trip and to have more members throughout the rest of the year.

The first spots available to go on the trip are for members, anyone who wants to join can join at their next official meeting on October 4th. After that, seats will open up for students in our various Government classes to go.


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